A new coaching service aimed at owner-managed businesses  

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BUYability, a firm providing a range of consulting services to UK businesses, has today announced a new business coaching service in collaboration with its sister company CoachDirectors Limited.  The new service is designed to appeal to small to medium sized businesses and promises to support leadership to accelerate growth whilst boosting asset value.

The core of BUYability's new business coaching service is essentially a leadership development programme delivered by specially trained coaches selected using CoachDirectors’ CoachGrade quality assessment process. 

Alan Potts, MD of both businesses, commented “Owner-managed businesses are now able to benefit from the quality of coaching support that has long been the preserve of big corporates.  Our programmes deliver measurable business benefits that are practical, effective and felt across the entire company, so the potential pay-back is huge.”

The new service involves a diagnostic process that analyses current performance and indicates where issues and problems are arising, or are likely to arise.  A business coaching programme is then designed and delivered to meet the clients’ specific needs.

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